Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, New York

Black on the Street

My newest and most engaging project (for me) is titled “Black on the Street.” As mentioned earlier, I’m seeking unsuspected moments in humanity, however, my intent is to sample instances involving people from the African diaspora. I love the depth in black culture and as a child I’ve always appreciated photos from our past. Bringing account of a past, where many Blacks have a lack of tracing lineage back to its origin means there’s an importance to frame it now. A Black person’s past was systematically delayed in record keeping. Therefore, part of my interest is to be apart of an artful record and characterization of Black people from all around the world. Many of the moments are solitary, however, the intent is to showcase our culture with a lens focused on the beauty, fortitude, grace and character of being Black.



While taking small road trips with my partner (also an amazing shooter) and my motorcycle rides on random windy roads lined with trees and characters of nature I grew interested in mailboxes. I grew up with a community mailbox, meaning we had twenty or so boxes in a hideous grey. I always wanted to put a flag up, or see the character of our mailbox evolve with time. So a serious interest inquiry grew to an interest and I now glimpse at practically every mailbox I pass to my right. Now my motorcycle rides include my camera and I’m presenting the mailboxes that present charm and character. One that’s hard to replace.


In development

Soon to be announced.

-LB 5/21