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There's a stigma that exists within the borders of Ghana. It is the belief of spirited beings or witches and their manifestation in children. For instance, if a women dies from medical reasons pertaining to the birth of her child, and the child survives, then it is perceived that the child is in possession of an evil spirit. As a result many children are killed, some methods include lethal concoctions, abandonment or direct violence.

Many attempted efforts to educate the public, embrace and care for the child victims and prevent ignorance among the communities have stifled the number of abandoned and killed children, however, a problem continues to exist.



For over twenty years Mama Laadi, a former child of the street, has been taking of children of all ages and types including ones with the spirit child stigma.

Her efforts have been supported by individuals, visiting volunteers and AfriKids for the past 12 years as a major sponsor. However, support and funding is needed. 


- i want to do a poetry project with students at the home

- The sponsor is due to pull its major sponsorship from MLs

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